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About Us

Smart Virtual Office Singapore is a NO NONSENSE business. We fell in love with your business. We realise that there are many entrepreneurs out there looking to get their business going only if someone were to help them. We want to help. From its very first day, it is built with that in mind. We designed it for companies who need value for money. We firmly believe that with proper help and guidance, any business will grow. Our founder, Mr Bill Ang bought the unit instead of renting it.

We are the first in Singapore and perhaps the world who owns our own premise and can promise clients for the next 60 years, you can use this very same address, that is because we bought our own office. PERIOD!

See our Guarantee

At Smart Virtual Office Singapore we strongly believe the best product must be coupled with impeccable service, we strive to do just that. To create the most comprehensive product while treating each customer as a individual. That is what differentiates us from the others.

Our selection of products are designed to help keep our clients light and mobile. These thoughtful products are selected with tender loving care and are essential to business survivability. If you couple that with our smile for a mile service, we are sure it will help you feel comfortable to work with Smart Virtual Office Singapore.

We believe that any company providing virtual office services need to be around for a long time. That is why we bought the offices, and placing it strategically in the BUSINESS DISTICT area. The location is prestigious for any form of business. This protects you. Not only have we ensured you have a place for the next 60 years, we can now effectively control the cost of rental.

We guarantee a price lock for you at the time of purchase. This means that should we increase our price, you will not be affected. We are the landlords of our premise and are able to actively control cost for our business.

We are part of a much larger organization consisting of 4 different companies. The range of services include Design, Web Hosting, Web Integration, IT consultancy and Education. Over the past 6 years, we have steadily grown our portfolio of clientele. They include:

  • Walt Disney (USA)
  • Citibank (USA)
  • WealthManagementFund(USA)
  • Ministry of Education (Singapore)
  • Ministry of Defence (Singapore)
  • AIA Insurance
  • DHL
  • Singtel (Singapore)
  • Keppel (Singapore)

We are new to Virtual Office but are not to business. Having grown 4 businesses helped us understand the key essential ingredients to help businesses succeed.

Our bundled packages were selected with this in mind, to help you get ahead of your competition. Think of all the possibilities.

A good example of such a service if our hosting. You would have to pay $100 a year for hosting, we are giving it to you for free for the first year. We also own our own servers for hosting. A total of 10,000 sq feet of hosting space in Ft Lauderdale, Florida USA which currently hosts for several MNCs as well as Fortune 500 companies. At the same time, we are the sister company to a multinational software development houses to help you in your software development.

We have also strategic alliances to help you lower your cost and serve you better.

Try that for size with your current Virtual Office providers.

Now we are the ONLY VIRTUAL OFFICE PROVIDER in the CBD that has a price below $100 with a lot of amenities. You can check out the competition, and you will know we are really the best.

We are offering

  • Free Shared Fax Number and Forwarding
  • DAILY Mail Aert via Email
  • Free Weekly Mail Forwarding*
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Free Namecard Design
  • Free Web Consultation
  • Price Lock with a certificate of guarantee

We strongly believe in that the lowest is most likely not the best, and the best measure of the business is not the cost, but how the customer is served. We know how you all feel as we were once there ourselves. Let us help you now, Sign up with

Let us help you succeed.


About our Founder

Bill Ang was a scholar from Keppel. Quiting his high paying job in 2004 in the midst of the economy down turn, he started 4 successful businesses, two in IT, one in education and one in Energy. All of which faced unpresidented challenges from finance to marketing to sales to technology.

Today 3 survived and one completely collapse, with one IT company with over 10,000 sq feet mainly for server location in Ft lauderdale, Florida, USA. The IT solutions company now includes staff strength of over 30 people with varying expertise and the the educational company which has close tie ups with Ministry of Education ( Singapore ).

He fell in love with business and the people behind it. He wants to help the next generation of entrepreneurs get out there and make their dreams come true. Like his young son, your business requires nurturing love and patience. He expects that the staff of Smart Virtual Office will help you nurture your business.


Our Guarantees:

lowest price guarantee

money back guarantee

Refund Policy

If after you purchase our service within 30 days and you feel for any reason that it fails to live up to our promises, or even if it does and you change your mind, simply write in to us, and we will immediately give you a 100% refund of the purchase price,

price lock guarantee