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No Nonsense Policy

BEFORE we actually tell you more about us, We would like to pay tribute to a group of people we owe so much to! We are now 6 months in operations.

6 months ago when we started, competitors claimed that we were fly by night and we would shut down in 4 months or less, but still people signed up with us! 6 months ago, we had no track record, no history no name and still people signed up with us! 6 months ago, we had no staff and was not able to operate full time, plenty of problems just informing customers about letters and still people signed up with us! 6 months ago, we had nothing more to offer except basic virtual office and still people signed up with us! 6 months ago, competitors said we would raise prices and it was a GIMMICK.....


Today, we have proven it is not us that closed down but those who said we would. Today we are the name people talk about when they think about Virtual Office as we are the only ones who kept the promise. Today, we have 2 full time qualified staff to help you with your service, full fledged CRM system, enterprise class software, world class partners to help you. Today we are the only operator who can offer you more good deals at NO EXTRA COST than any Singapore Virtual Office can out there and still be cheaper than other competitors.

All that happened because of the hunderds of YOU who believed in us...

THANK YOU all that had believed, supported us and given us the chance to prove we are indeed the best choice for a Singapore Virtual Office.

If you are starting out and want to be part of this revolution of real entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, sign up now...

There are many customers who signed up with us because of our no nonsense policy. Would you take nonsense when you buy a car, a house or anything for that matter. Neither should you here when selecting your Virtual Office.

A simple extension of such a policy would be our mail forwarding policy. We do not charge you $15 a month for mail forwarding. Instead we have a deposit required only. When we process mail, you will be charged a fixed $2 per mail with postage INCLUDED when you are in Singapore , and $2 + postage for overseas clients. how about that!

Neither would we will not continuously increase prices. We believe that the price for this simple service should be kept low and fair. We make this our commitment by our price lock guarantee. Smart Virtual Office Singapore is the only Singapore Entrepreneur Friendly Virtual Office Operator who understand this! We were once users of Virtual Office ourselves and have unscrupulously been manipulated to accept the increase in prices.

Our company owns our own premise, yes, we bought the office as opposed to renting it. Just imagine if the Virtual Office were to shut down their operations and you have to change location. The hassle of changing details at ACRA, then there are namecards, letterheads, banks, clients, suppliers, save yourself the hassle to keep changing address. Sign up with us now, have the Peace of mind that you will not have to move address once you are with us!

As we grow our client base, we also increase our level of service with our client.

Currently we have included

FREE Incoming Fax
FREE Web Hosting
FREE Namecard Design ( If you print with us )
FREE Web Consultation
FREE Corporate Bank Account with ZERO MONTHLY Service Charge worht $180
FREE Make over worth $110

We are able to do so much for less because of ECONOMIES of SCALE and strong alliances with giant corporations who understands your needs. We are the only operator who owns a Giant Server Farm in USA. A print press in CHINA, our own Fax SERVER RACK and close ties with various bank presidents.

Choose the best partners to work with you!


Our Guarantee:

Refund Policy

If after you purchase our service within 7 days and you feel for any reason that it fails to live up to our promises, or even if it does and you change your mind, simply write in to us, and we will immediately give you a 100% refund of the purchase price,