Date 03/07/2007

Making the right choice

It pains me to see another Virtual Office close down again, reason chased out by the landlord due to inability to pay rent. There are many Virtual Office operators in Singapore. They start with poor planning and bad foresight. When it is time to renew their lease, the landlord knowing that they have them for life, would increase the rent, and guess what you suffer. Recently we have been bad mouthed by a vendor as being on the fringe of the CBD, with one or two dedicated staff, of undercutting competition and being the funny competition. Being the Chief Smart Virtual Offiicer, I feel I need to speak up for the company.

Smart Virtual Office has already grown to something far larger than just a Virtual Office. For our paying customers, you may already have received a free 1 full day seminar for business coaching by our mentors, reowned in the business. We have already moved into the service office business for our clients that are asking and we have far exceeded that small office that we own. Our total available space is currently standing at nearly 2000 square feet spread out along the golden strip of orchard and the CBD.


Date 02/07/2007

Important Note to readers from WIKI pedia and competitor sites:

HI all, it came to our attention that there is a particular page of WIKI that has put our link on it claiming that we are the better alternative to one particular competitor. As much as we like our customer to become our evangelist, we do not condone such actions of malice. It may be true that this competition have increased their price, moved several locations creating great inconvenience to their customers and still puts down other operators on his own site, but we have come to some agreement with them not to disclose their weakness and focus more on our strengths and refrain from writing anything bad about him even though he continues to do so. We believe that god will take care of us, just like we take care of you.

To the person who keeps putting such information online, we understand that you may be telling the truth about the other party, that he is not a good operator and that he has much caused you much problems and pain, we beg you to stop as this company is creating problems for us. What is important is that you have switched to us and experienced how a cheaper alternative did not cut corners but gave you better deal.

More importantly we feel that you need to stop as they are really nasty people, who will go all the way out to make things difficult for others. Please stop posting things on the web, if you want to help us, create a new page for us and tell the rest of the world how good an experience it is with us, or meet with his customers where possible and help us spread the word.

Time will tell who is the real deal.

Smart Virtual Officer

Date 01/06/2007

Breaking News from Channel News Asia!!!!!

Whitehouse going to be converted to a ARBITRATION centre,
SMART Virtual Office is IN MAXWELL HOUSE, SMART if you have chosen us!

Make the SMART Choice

Buy with confidence, Smart Virtual Office is the only operator who will not chased out by any landlord because we are the landlord. We are also the only operator who probably would not need to increase their cost to customer!
Most if not all Virtual Office are using rented addresses. Should the landlord reacquire their property or increase their rent, you will be paying more for the same service or looking for a new home!

Do you want that?
We bought our office and the only people who can chase us our is the Government should they acquire the whole building! Don't pay a dollar more, if you are planning to go virtual, go cheap, use your money for advertising or getting more customers!

Before you buy, ask your potential operator, are they the landlord, ask them to write you a guarantee that no matter what happens, they will be there for you, if there is a change in address, they would defray all cost of moving, your namecards, letterheads, informing all your customers, suppliers, banks print new namecards, we can, no one else can.

We are not the most magestic, but we have an UNBLOCKED panoramic view of the city all our clients agree with. Take the trip to see the office before you sign up with anyone.

Why is this important? Even though it is a virtual address, your registered address may be frequented by your clients. What impressions do you want to leave them.

Come to our office and check us out, we promise we are different!

You should not be paying MORE for them to move, or to upgrade. Its your money, make the best choice!