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Virtual Office
Serviced Workstations
Corporate Secretary
Call Answering @ $65/mth
Singapore Phone Number
Web Hosting
Web Design
Business Consultation


Our Locations

20 Maxwell Road #09-17
Maxwell House
Singapore 069113
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Operating Hours

9:00 am to 5:00 pm Tues/Thurs
10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sat / Sun


Contact Us

Singapore Number
+65 6408 9788
USA Number
1 (917) 727 7926
United Kingdom
+44 (020) 3286 2667
Hong Kong
(852) 8120 7817


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No one provides more value than Smart Virtual Office

Make payment instantly using Paypal/Visa/Mastercard AND ENJOY

  • FREE GOLDEN Shared Fax Number and Forwarding
  • DAILY Mail Alert via Email & SMS
  • FREE Weekly Mail Forwarding*
  • FREE Web Hosting+
  • FREE Web Consultation
  • $99/year
  • Also call us to find out how to get a FREE corporate bank account with ZERO monthly admins charges and low low daily maintenance


* First Month free, Self Collect after 1st month OR pay $50 for deposit, $2 per letter inclusive of deliver for LOCAL address
+ First Year FREE,

Make payment instantly using Paypal/Visa/Mastercard AND ENJOY

  • UNIQUE Address+
  • FREE GOLDEN Shared Fax Number and Forwarding
  • DAILY Mail Alert via Email
  • FREE Weekly cheque deposits to DBS Bank
  • FREE Weekly Mail Forwarding*
  • FREE Web Hosting
  • FREE Web Consultation
  • Quarterly networking session
  • ZERO setup fees
  • $300/year

May includes additional charges

$50 Deposit

$50 ONE TIME Peace of Mind Courier Service

+ Unique address will be only issued after payment has been made. Once address is issued, no further refund will be allowed

Why are we the best in the business?

We opened our doors to this business on 1st June 2006, and yet we dare say we are the best in the business. It was in response for ever increasing cost for the same service. We created this company on which our policies will safeguard your interest, while keeping us profitable.

If we do not do so, there will be a new vendor and we will lose your respect and your support as your provider like the many who are already switching over.

  1. NO NONSENSE POLICY. [Read More]
  2. FIRST to have a self serviced system so you can quickly change your details.
  3. FIRST to introduce the Paypal/Clickbank ready Virtual Office
  4. LOWEST cost though highly efficient cost control. [Read More]
  5. HIGHEST features even though we are the lowest cost! [Read More]
  6. FIRST to provide a true price lock guarantee, issued with certificate. [Read More]
  7. FIRST to provide the 7 day "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY" guarantee. [Read More]
  8. FIRST to provide the LOWEST price guarantee. [Read More]
  9. FIRST to buy the office space rather than rent it. [Read More]
  10. FIRST local Virtual Office provider with 3 international locations. [Read More]
  11. We have the strongest partnerships. [Read More]
  12. For 2006, you purchase the first year, you get the second year FREE! [Read More]
  13. We have the largest diversity of services. [Read More]
  14. The more people are with us, the more we are able to give away! [Read More]
  15. We are Brand NEW! [Read More]

Smart Virtual Office Singapore believes that the service for Virtual Office should be simple and it is. Why should simple services be overly charged and have to be constantly priced up. Be SMART, every dollar saved is a dollar earned!

Our Services

Smart Virtual Office Singapore's core business is Registered Address for businesses. We have grown to include a whole new range of services either through acquisitions or strategic partnership, the main purpose is to help clients like yourself to save you the buck and penny.

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Latest News

New website to be launched on 1st anniversary!

We have reached 1000 clients and as promised, the FINAL phase checking for sending FAX

User Can Change Password

Overseas SMS will be on trial soon

LOCAL SMS service is now permanent

User area added new features. Tutorial for Web Hosting!

Even Mediacorp uses our office and that's my PC!
click here to see the video

30 days to new site launch, 14 days to RFQ ( request for Comment )

Launch of new SMS module.
All clients now can received detailed SMS

Members Areas is active, you can now login and change your details. Other features will be ready soon!

Launch of Call Answering service. You pay fixed $45 a month, payable monthly nothing more.

Our Sister IT Company just completed the backend for the nationalmuseum, featured in Straits Times, Today and on several major TV!
Contribute to the heritage of Singapore actively if you have photos

We have new staff. His name is Nizam. The growth of Smart Virtual Office has been phenomenal, thanks to affordable pricing and great customers like yourself. As promised, there will be someone looking after you full time.

Our office furniture is also finally complete. Photos will be uploaded shortly and you are going to love it!

Our business directory is about to be launched in 3 to 4 weeks time. It is free and it has a totally different way of getting customers in. Get your namecards, your clients your suppliers too. So stay tuned!

Congrads to our E Learning Company for securing a $100K project with MOE!

Opening of New York Virtual Office in September 2006. We have gone regional, more like we've gone home.

Our IT Development company just secured a project with Sony.. cool. I want my IBO


Our TRIPLE Guarantee: